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Text Box: Beaches

There are many beaches in West Maui.  Theyíre all different.  We choose based on what we feel like doing that day.  Weíve found that we like to go early, so we are through by noon or soon after.  It gets hot out there after noon, and sometimes too crowded for our tastes.  We like to eat lunch out, so we do that, and then do non-beach stuff in the afternoon.  The first beach is less than 50 steps away.

Kahana Beach
Convenient.  Nice for morning and evening walks and hanging around on the beach.  The reef is quite a ways out where there is good snorkeling straight out from the south side of Valley Isle.  Get on the ocean side of the reef.  Iíve seen turtles, octopus, eels along with the usual reef fish.    Itís shallow most of the way out there.  During low tide you can scratch your tummy if youíre not careful.  Also some nice coral formations if you can find them.  For playing in the water, itís best in front of the Kahana Sands, which is the next resort south.  If you want to see turtles, and you will, go to the south end of the beach by the rocks, south of the little park.  

Very nice sandy swimming beach for families and children.  Good for playing in the waves in middle of beach.  Calm for kids and more timid souls on north end by the restaurant.  Fairly good snorkeling on both north and south edges of the bay.  There is also a reef in the middle which is ok for snorkeling.  Turtles out a little farther.

Kapalua Beach
Pretty white-sand crescent beach.  Great for kids.  One of the safest year round swimming spots north of Lahaina.  Great snorkeling on both ends.  You can also rent boards and stuff on the north end.  We rented a see thru board, and I got Karen out in the water to see some of the things I do.  (Karen doesnít swim)
Best time to go is 9 or 10 in the morning.  Sometimes have trouble finding a parking spot.

Fleming Beach on Honokahua Bay
 This one is great for surfing, boogie boarding and body surfing.  Shallow sandy bottom extends quite a ways out.  Local surfers play on waves on north end which, when water is too calm for the surfers, is good for snorkeling.  Besides being fun, the waves can be dangerous.  I have been body slammed into the sand by the waves several times, and that is no fun.  There have been numerous injuries here, so be careful!!  There is a lifeguard.  The Ritz Carlton has an outdoor restaurant on the south end.  Karen and I sometimes have lunch here after weíre done playing in the waves.  Very expensive!

Slaughter House on Mokuleia Bay
No, the waves donít slaughter you here, there used to be a slaughter house on the ridge above the bay.  Or so they say.  After parking on the road (donít leave anything valuable in your car) and a long walk down a stairway which used to be a rocky muddy path, you get down to the beach.  It is beautiful and small.  Usually good for body surfing and boogie boarding, or just hanging around.  This is an excellent snorkeling spot, and you can even snorkel around the north end to Honolua bay which comes next.  This beach can really change.  On one trip Karen and I played on the sandy beach here, then went over to Molokai for four days.  When we came back we didnít think we were in the same place.  There was no sand, only rocks and big boulders.  The ocean took our nice sandy beach.  So, there might be sand, and there might be only rocks and boulders.

Honolua Bay
Supreme snorkeling spot.  No place for kids.  Park on the road again or on the little mud turnoff.  After a beautiful walk through a jungle canopy, pass the little local settlement and you come to a rocky bay.  You canít call this a beach.  The only reason you are here is to snorkel.  There is a little sand off to the left.  Karen and I just find a spot on the rocks off to the right and park our stuff.  Best places to get in and out are the boat ramp (if you want to call it that) and straight out from the sandy spot.  It is not always easy getting in and out.  If the stream is running after a rain or if it looks too murky from the shore because of high surf or storms, turn around and go back.
Snorkel boats come into the bay between 10 and 11, so we come early and leave when it gets too crowded.  I have seen turtles, eels, the full array of reef fish and even dolphins.  There is also a resident White Tip shark out a ways.  The corals and urchins and all of that other stuff are beautiful.

Weíve gone about as far north as we can go!